George Folsey Jr’s Vintage Cartier Tank Replica Watch

Today we will have a look at a perfect fake Cartier Tank that is more meaningful with the special inscription.

An engraved inscription is meant to be deep and meaningful. Significant dates, initials, quotes or family crests are all standard options as you endeavour to choose something that’s sufficiently heartfelt that your son experiences at least a vague pang of remorse should he wind up hocking it to a pawnbroker.

Comedians take a less respectful approach. Tina Fey and Louis C.K, for example, both told Jerry Seinfeld in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee how Chris Rock drafted them in to help him with a two-day rewrite of a movie for which he sent each of them a luxury fake Rolex Submariner engraved with the inscription: “THANKS FOR YOUR HELP MOTHERF*CKER”.

John Landis adopted a similarly irreverent tack. The famous director gave producer George Folsey Jr a Cartier Tank replica watch with brown leather strap after working with him on several films including The Blues Brothers, Coming to America, Trading Places and Three Amigos. The caseback inscription was no-nonsense and blunt, displaying Landis’ trademark disregard for pomposity.