Favorite Swiss Luxury Cartier Replica Watches Of The 1980s

Conventional wisdom says that 1980s style was – and remains – hopelessly tacky. But the problem with conventional wisdom is that it’s so…conventional. We happen to love the idiosyncrasies that came out of 1980s watchmaking. We love the personality and sense of play. The daring innovation. One way to look at these best quality replica watches is to say they’re dated. Another way is to say that they have a singular point of view that could only have emerged in this specific time and place. That’s how we prefer to look at them.

Cartier Santos Galbee (1987)

Gold is good. Oliver Stone’s iconic film Wall Street, released in 1987, coincided with the re-design and reintroduction of the Cartier Santos fake with gold bracelet – then named the Santos Galbee – in a less angular and far smoother profile.

Technical specs aside, this Swiss movement Cartier copy watch has since become known as the “Gordon Gekko” Santos after Michael Douglas wore it on screen (along with a mean pair of suspenders) while portraying the greed-ridden investor. The watch is all gold on the unmistakable Santos bracelet (also in solid gold). Of course Gekko could’ve worn any number of luxury watches, but only Cartier had that perfect blend of old-money sophistication with new-money swag.