Marko Koncina, Founder of Swiss Watch Gang, On His Best Fake Cartier Tortue CPCP Perpetual Calendar

Today, we’ll talk about a replica watch owned by someone that is a voice and face of the watchmaking community, someone that you might have already seen through your screens. Indeed, Marko Koncina is a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Zürich, Switzerland, and he is the driving force behind the Swiss Watch Gang Youtube and Instagram channels. Today, we’ll discuss a watch that is supremely elegant, mechanically complex and rare. Marko will tell us about his great passion for a platinum case replica Cartier Tortue Perpetual Calendar from the all-time classic CPCP collection – also known as Collection Privée Cartier Paris.

Frank Geelen– When did this top quality fake Cartier Tortue become yours?

Marko Koncina, Swiss Watch Gang – It became part of my collection in March 2021 and I bought it from a retailer in Luzern, Switzerland, which had it sitting in the shop for too long. Of course, I had known about Cartier for many years before I ever purchased one, but I was always intrigued by their designs. I probably got introduced to the brand via some commercial, magazine placement or retailer. I live in Zürich, so it’s hard to miss a watch ad. I remember first learning about the Roadster watches and the Ballon Bleu models before I was introduced to the Santos line and so on. The first Swiss made replica Cartier I purchased was the first generation Santos, later the 2390 Basculante and finally, the Tortue Perpetual Calendar CPCP which we are talking about today.
What is it in Cartier that you like?

I admire the diversity and how they are able to get away with selling jewellery and watches and being successful at it, a feat not many brands have achieved. I also love the wide range of case shapes they offer, how they didn’t just blow up their watches in size and the elegant appeal they offer. The customer service in their boutiques is good too, I want to give them credit there.
Why did it have to be this particular model?

I had been looking to buy a perpetual calendar for a while, and the first ones I really liked were the ones from Audemars Piguet; round cases but different dial designs, which I saw from my friend Tom Chng (founder of the Singapore Watch Club). Some of them became very expensive due to the recent popularity of vintage APs (not only the Royal Oaks) and so I searched for some alternatives which would suit me. I am a big fan of the Cartier Tortue Monopoussoir with a white dial and blue details, the reference 2396 featuring a special movement developed by THA Ébauche. Since I like that case shape as well and I saw there was a platinum perpetual calendar version out there, I was immediately intrigued and started the search. The main reasons for buying this watch were 1: I wanted this perpetual calendar, 2: Cartier is growing on me as a brand, and 3: the price was right. So I took the opportunity before I would regret it.
I would love to own more black leather straps replica Cartier watches in the future, as I currently have three different models in my collection (Santos, Basculante, Tortue). I wouldn’t mind adding a Tortue CPCP monopusher chronograph, an Asymetrique and of course a Crash, if I am ever lucky enough to purchase one.

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