The vintage replica Cartier craze and how to wear your watch (very) stylishly

Is Cartier replica having a moment, or is the momentum here to stay? I recently had the chance to speak with a few Cartier collectors and experts on the recent uptick that vintage watches are seeing at auction, which shed some light on why high quality replica Cartier and why now.

While prices of many different vintage Cartier models have been inching up over the last year or so, the line-in-the-sand moment came when a Cartier Pebble replica with gold case was sold by Phillips in May for CHF403,200 against an estimate of CHF50,000 – 100,000.
Was it an expensive flash in the pan, or a sign of things to come? We found out on Wednesday when another Cartier Pebble copy that had come up for sale through Bonhams in London sold for £225,250 against a bullish estimate of £150,000 – £200,000. As any data scientist will tell you, once is a potential aberration, but twice is a possible trend.
But while any real data scientist worth their salt would never actually say that, Swiss movement replica Cartier is definitely making a move. Why? I think Cartier collector Roni Madhvani (@roni_m_29 on Instagram) had an interesting insight when he suggested the reason that collectors were turning their attention to Cartier stemmed from “the increasing difficulty of obtaining fodder for the steel sports watch herd [and] an awakening to the beauty of design in timepieces through the rise of social media.”
In further evidence of vintage aaa quality copy Cartier penetrating popular culture, yesterday rapper Tyler The Creator was spotted wearing a Cartier Crash in his latest music video, joining Kanye West as another multi-disciplinary creative to appreciate the brand. As a huge Cartier fan, I for one am very excited that the boldly creative designs of the early 20th century are finally being appreciated and will be watching closely to see where things go from here.

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Introducing Swiss replica Cartier’s new Tank Must watch collection

The new best quality replica Cartier Tank Must is a watch that dares to return to great classicism, right down to the smallest detail.
Luxury watch collectors and aficionados will remember the Les Must de Cartier line that was created in the 1960s with a launch of the burgundy game bag with its logo, the oval lighter with its vertical gadroons, the Tank vermeil watch, the C-branded eyewear and more.

This year the focus is on the Tank Must, the blue hands copy Cartier Tank Louis Cartier. The Tank Must is a name immortalised at Cartier in the 1970s that re-visits the classic conventions of luxury. Tank Must is a chic watchmaking feat worn by many. A Maison signature whose design and movements are continuously evolving, driven by Cartier’s watchmaking commitment to constant progress. The Design Studio has reworked the design of these new Tank Must with monochrome versions and an original version based on a new photovoltaic movement.
Created in 1917, the green leather strap fake Tank Louis de Cartier watch very quickly spawned several variations. Louis Cartier reworked its design from as early as 1922. Its case was stretched, brancards refined and edges softened: the Tank L.C. had arrived. A classic was born.
“Rail tracks”, cabochon sapphire, Roman numerals. It was Louis Cartier who laid the foundations of signature watchmaking aesthetic, with its very latest version perpetuating this tradition to within a few subtle nuances.
The Louis Cartier Tank cultivates its timeless elegance in colour. The choice of blue and red was a must, as these colours are a part of Cartier’s DNA. An intense red and a bright blue highlight and enhance the watch’s pure lines.
Swiss movement copy Cartier has added sophisticated details to these two previous versions, including Roman numerals and gold-coloured rail tracks, which help to enhance the dial’s graphic intensity.
The blue version is in pink gold, the red in yellow gold, both coordinated with the straps, these two watches come with a Manufacture 1917 MC movement with manual winding.

Marko Koncina, Founder of Swiss Watch Gang, On His Best Fake Cartier Tortue CPCP Perpetual Calendar

Today, we’ll talk about a replica watch owned by someone that is a voice and face of the watchmaking community, someone that you might have already seen through your screens. Indeed, Marko Koncina is a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Zürich, Switzerland, and he is the driving force behind the Swiss Watch Gang Youtube and Instagram channels. Today, we’ll discuss a watch that is supremely elegant, mechanically complex and rare. Marko will tell us about his great passion for a platinum case replica Cartier Tortue Perpetual Calendar from the all-time classic CPCP collection – also known as Collection Privée Cartier Paris.

Frank Geelen– When did this top quality fake Cartier Tortue become yours?

Marko Koncina, Swiss Watch Gang – It became part of my collection in March 2021 and I bought it from a retailer in Luzern, Switzerland, which had it sitting in the shop for too long. Of course, I had known about Cartier for many years before I ever purchased one, but I was always intrigued by their designs. I probably got introduced to the brand via some commercial, magazine placement or retailer. I live in Zürich, so it’s hard to miss a watch ad. I remember first learning about the Roadster watches and the Ballon Bleu models before I was introduced to the Santos line and so on. The first Swiss made replica Cartier I purchased was the first generation Santos, later the 2390 Basculante and finally, the Tortue Perpetual Calendar CPCP which we are talking about today.
What is it in Cartier that you like?

I admire the diversity and how they are able to get away with selling jewellery and watches and being successful at it, a feat not many brands have achieved. I also love the wide range of case shapes they offer, how they didn’t just blow up their watches in size and the elegant appeal they offer. The customer service in their boutiques is good too, I want to give them credit there.
Why did it have to be this particular model?

I had been looking to buy a perpetual calendar for a while, and the first ones I really liked were the ones from Audemars Piguet; round cases but different dial designs, which I saw from my friend Tom Chng (founder of the Singapore Watch Club). Some of them became very expensive due to the recent popularity of vintage APs (not only the Royal Oaks) and so I searched for some alternatives which would suit me. I am a big fan of the Cartier Tortue Monopoussoir with a white dial and blue details, the reference 2396 featuring a special movement developed by THA Ébauche. Since I like that case shape as well and I saw there was a platinum perpetual calendar version out there, I was immediately intrigued and started the search. The main reasons for buying this watch were 1: I wanted this perpetual calendar, 2: Cartier is growing on me as a brand, and 3: the price was right. So I took the opportunity before I would regret it.
I would love to own more black leather straps replica Cartier watches in the future, as I currently have three different models in my collection (Santos, Basculante, Tortue). I wouldn’t mind adding a Tortue CPCP monopusher chronograph, an Asymetrique and of course a Crash, if I am ever lucky enough to purchase one.

George Folsey Jr’s Vintage Cartier Tank Replica Watch

Today we will have a look at a perfect fake Cartier Tank that is more meaningful with the special inscription.

An engraved inscription is meant to be deep and meaningful. Significant dates, initials, quotes or family crests are all standard options as you endeavour to choose something that’s sufficiently heartfelt that your son experiences at least a vague pang of remorse should he wind up hocking it to a pawnbroker.

Comedians take a less respectful approach. Tina Fey and Louis C.K, for example, both told Jerry Seinfeld in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee how Chris Rock drafted them in to help him with a two-day rewrite of a movie for which he sent each of them a luxury fake Rolex Submariner engraved with the inscription: “THANKS FOR YOUR HELP MOTHERF*CKER”.

John Landis adopted a similarly irreverent tack. The famous director gave producer George Folsey Jr a Cartier Tank replica watch with brown leather strap after working with him on several films including The Blues Brothers, Coming to America, Trading Places and Three Amigos. The caseback inscription was no-nonsense and blunt, displaying Landis’ trademark disregard for pomposity.

W&W 2021: Fake Cloche de Cartier. Shaped like a Bell and Also Can Turn into a Desk Clock.

After the Crash, the Tank Cintrée, the Tonneau, and the Tank Asymétrique, the new Cloche de Cartier is the fifth capricious creation from the luxury fake Cartier Privé line. The Privé collection celebrates and explores the Maison’s mythical models through numbered, limited edition watches. The Cloche —French for bell— shape appeared in Cartier pieces in 1920. The first “cloche” shape takes the form of diamonds and an onyx watch brooch and a year later the first Cloche wristwatch in platinum and diamonds was launched followed by a yellow gold version with a leather strap.

Between 1920 and 1970, Cartier super clone created several models, and in 1984, the watch was relaunched within the Louis Cartier collection. Several variations were added up to the end of the 1980s as well as the first gold models with leather straps, including pieces with precious dials and ‘rice grain’, gadroon, or colored leather straps. These creations all came with a quartz movement.

In 1995 Cartier launched a limited series of 200 Swiss-made copy Cloche de Cartier watches, distinguished by the use of Arabic numerals with ‘apple’ hands, a mechanical movement, and a sapphire cabochon. Then in 2007, the Cloche de Cartier watch was relaunched in a limited series of 100 pieces in 18K yellow gold, with a leather strap, apple-shaped hands, and Roman numerals. The watch can also be placed vertically as a ‘desk clock’.
Cloche de Cartier, because, when placed horizontally, its outline is reminiscent of a service bell rung at a counter. Like many Cartier signature pieces, it has been named after its shape, made notable for the purity of its line and clear inspiration.
In addition to Cartier’s work with shapes, as seen with the Tortue, the Tank, and the Baignoire, the Maison’s designers see beauty wherever it may be. The Swiss movement replica Cloche de Cartier watch is one of the rarest aesthetics in Cartier’s watchmaking repertoire. A collector’s piece that is unusual and unique in its category, it adopts all the Maison’s watchmaking codes. The chemin de fer —rail track— minute track and hour markings are adapted to the dial’s asymmetrical shape and the crown is set with a cabochon. Both respectful of the Maison’s watchmaking tradition while at the same time breaking away from common practice, this Cloche creation is unusual in that it may be read whilst worn on the wrist and can additionally be removed and placed on a table to be transformed into a desk clock. Two new calibres have had to be made at the Cartier Manufacture at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland to adapt to the aesthetic imperatives imposed by this unique shape.
Barely 100 years old and still ticking as it did on the very first day. Keeping everything from the original, with a singularity that surprises at first glance, making you see things differently as you get closer to it. Available in pink gold, yellow gold, or platinum, it displays all of Cartier’s watchmaking codes: rail tracks, sword-shaped hands, and a closed-set cabochon on the winding crown. It has stayed faithful to the original model’s finishes: satin-finished on the back, polished between the lugs or edges, it is powered by the 1917 MC Manufacture mechanical movement, a calibre created in 2019 with a power reserve of 38 hours. Both unique and surprising, the time can be read by extending the arm, without the need to bring the wrist towards you. Its unconventional case in 18K pink gold, 18K yellow gold, or platinum measures 37.15 mm x 28.75 mm and is equipped with a black or an anthracite alligator strap.

This year, high quality fake Cartier has chosen to apply one of its watchmaking signatures, the skeleton, to this iconic watch: a true technical feat in the field that involves adapting this complication to the watch’s atypical shape.

Three skeleton models complete this collection. While it showcases the immediacy of an entirely open-worked dial, it required the Manufacture 1917 mechanical movement to be completely reworked into a very fine network of gears, visible through the transparent Roman numerals, now transformed into bridges. It is now known as the 9626 Cartier Manufacture movement. In the platinum version, the winding crown is set with a ruby cabochon.

The 18K yellow gold, 18K pink gold, and platinum references are available in a limited edition of 100 pieces for each metal. The skeleton models in 18K pink gold and in platinum are available in a limited edition of 50 pieces each and the platinum with diamonds in a limited edition of only 20 pieces.

Sticker Price $31,100 USD for platinum and $27,500 USD for yellow or pink gold. Skeleton pieces pricing upon request.