Cartier Baignoire Fake Watches With 18K Rose-Gold Bracelets

The collection was born in 1906. Because of their unique oval cases, they are entitled Baignoire. Cartier Baignoire copy watches with blue-steel hands are driven by quartz movements. The 18k rose-gold cases are 31.6mm in length and 24.5mm in width. The glasses are made of sapphire crystal that is very hard and can protect the silvering dials.


There are 40 shining round diamonds inset on the bezel and a cutting diamond on the dodecagon crown. The total weight of 41 diamonds is 0.99 karat. The delicate silvering dials are of texture of sunshine rays. The black hour markers are Roman numbers.


Cartier replica watches with diamonds bezels are small-size and suitable for ladies. Exquisite watch-making crafts and elegant designs are infused into the watches and make them be the representative of Cartier style.

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