Cartier Baignoire Fake Watches With 18K Rose-Gold Bracelets

The collection was born in 1906. Because of their unique oval cases, they are entitled Baignoire. Cartier Baignoire copy watches with blue-steel hands are driven by quartz movements. The 18k rose-gold cases are 31.6mm in length and 24.5mm in width. The glasses are made of sapphire crystal that is very hard and can protect the silvering dials.


There are 40 shining round diamonds inset on the bezel and a cutting diamond on the dodecagon crown. The total weight of 41 diamonds is 0.99 karat. The delicate silvering dials are of texture of sunshine rays. The black hour markers are Roman numbers.


Cartier replica watches with diamonds bezels are small-size and suitable for ladies. Exquisite watch-making crafts and elegant designs are infused into the watches and make them be the representative of Cartier style.

Drive De Cartier Fake Watches With 18K Rose-Gold Cases

Cartier is a famous watch and jewel brand that is good at integrating the jewels with watches to show the nobleness or originality. The replica watches with date apertures has few jewel decorations, but also become the classical ones.

Drive De Cartier Fake Watches With White Dials And Black Hour Markers

Drive De Cartier copy watches with blue-steel hands are driven by 1904 calibre, self-winding mechanical movements. The cases are 40mm in length and 41mm in width. There is a faceted sapphire inset on the 18k rose-gold octangle crown. The black hour markers are Roman numbers. There is a small second dial with blue hand at 6 o’clock. You can see the date directly from small windows at 3 o’clock.

cartier-drive-de-fake-brown-strapsCartier replica watches with brown alligator straps use black and white as the basic colours of dials, showing simpleness and decency. The graceful designs and reliable performances make them be the best choice.

Calibre De Cartier Fake Watches With Silver Steel Cases

Most of Cartier watches are decorated with diamonds or jewels. Today, let’s talk about the copy watches just with stainless steel. From their appearances, you don’t regard them as the luxurious ones. But Cartier is proud of them.


Calibre De Cartier replica watches with black alligator straps are driven by calibre 1904-PS MC, self-winding mechanical movements. The diameter of the watches is 42mm. There are white Roman numbers and luminescent sword hands on the black dials. There is a date aperture at 3 o’clock and a small second dial at 6 o’clock. The functions meet all the daily requirements.


Cartier copy watches with transparent backs display a perfect combination of tough-guy and gentleman style. There is a sapphire inset on the crown. The decent designs and solid functions make them become an attractive choice among men’s watches.

Santos De Cartier Fake Watches With 18K Rose-Gold Cases

In 1904, Louis Cartier designed a watch that is easy to read time during the flight for his friend, famous aviator pioneer, Alberto Santos Dumont. The first Santos Dumont watch was born. The features of the collection are the concise geometrical modelling and the exposed screw design.


Santos De Cartier copy watches with brown leather straps are driven by 9614 calibre, hand-winding mechanical movements. There are 101 shining round diamonds on thr lugs and bezels. There is a single round diamond inset on the octangle crown. Their dials are very unique, which are hollow-out dials of Roman-number forms. You can see the movements and rotors.

cartier-santos-de-fake-18k-rosegoldCartier replica watches with blue-steel hands re-interpret the gentlemen style originating from the first one for aviator Santos. The dark-colour straps matching 18k rose-gold cases delivers a decent and reliable image. You can have one to add the charm and demonstrate the characters.

What Are The Most Unique Cartier Fake Watches ?

In our opinions, the shapes of watch cases are round or square. There are few irregular watches appearing in the watch field. In 1967, a Cartier collection named Crash was introduced. At that time, London was in a golden period of Swinging London Wave. So Crash collection was born with the characteristics of Swinging London.


Cartier Crash copy watches with 18k white-gold cases are driven by hand-winding mechanical movements. There are 149 shining round diamonds inlaid on 38.45*25.5mm cases. The crowns are also decorated with a diamond. These 150 diamonds weigh 2.15 karat.

cartier-crash-fake-diamond-bezelThe most unique feature is their twisty designs, which indicate the overturn of tradition and the rebellious spirit in that period of freedom. The distinct designs of watch cases can make women’s wrists look slender and beautiful. Because of the unique designs, the Roman numbers on silvering dials are also twisted.

Cartier replica watches with blue-steel hands are a perfect combination of abstraction and passion. They are masterpieces full of modern inspirit and creative art, which break regular visual perception and become a brave pioneer and great trial.