Review History Of Blue Crocodile Straps Rotonde De Cartier Moonphase Replica Watches For Sale

Day And Night

Rotonde De Cartier fake watches on the dial show the two kinds of complex senior watchmaking functions: moon phase and day and night display. From dawn to dusk, the sun and moon alternate from left to right on top of the dial. In the dial below, a reversible jump pointer elegantly displays moon phase. In order to foil two gorgeous complex function, the luxury Rotonde De Cartier replica watches are equipped wit special dark blue dials with gold powder paint, then moon pattern is decorated diamonds and sapphires.

Since 1912, moon phase has been the senior tabulation complex function which Cartier is proud of. At that time, Cartier created work which is called “comet” or “planet”. The Cartier copy watches with blue dials present display mode of elegant gorgeous time by senior jewelry and watchmaking advanced.


Since then, Cartier, based on mathematical rules, has produced several timepieces. By Rotonde de Cartier moon phase fake watches with self-winding movements, the sky and the earth through time and art are closely linked, reflecting the Cartier continues to explore the aesthetic spirit of avant-garde timepiece.

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