Special Copy Captive De Cartier Watches Will Never Let You Down (I)

Captive De Cartier applies the “links” element of female clothes. The perceptual designs make the female wearers full of cordial feeling, making females’ slender wrists prominent. Also, the special and typical “links” make the watches stand out from the other popular fake Cartier watches.

The silver dials fake Captive De Cartier WG600008 watches have grey spun silk leather straps.
Grey Spun Silk Straps Fake Captive De Cartier WG600008 Watches

The 27 mm replica Captive De Cartier WG600008 watches are made from 18k white gold. Their bezels are paved with diamonds. They have grey spun silk leather straps, connecting with the silvery dials by the “link” at 12 o’clock. The off-centred dials have remarkable hour marks (Roman numerals III, VI and IX) and blue hands.

The red leather straps copy Captive De Cartier HPI00563 watches have red dials.
Red Leather Straps Copy Captive De Cartier HPI00563

The 35 mm copy Captive De Cartier HPI00563 watches are eye-catching, because of the red alligator leather straps and red dials with patterns of pink orchid and rose red butterfly made from enamel. Together, the straps are connected with the dials by the “link” made from 18k white gold and decorated with diamonds. The bezels are also paved with round brilliant cutting diamonds.

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